As an artist, my goal is to encourage the viewer to take a journey. I want them to recall a memory or reclaim some thought, dream, desire or feeling that perhaps has been discarded and realize the beauty of it. I hope that viewers will see , as I do, that these are portraits of us all. They are images that depict who we are, were, might be, or might have been. They are memories for us all to share.

I am a storyteller. I create images and performances which have a beginning, middle, and end. Although, most of my work is inspired by specific people and or events my paintings are abstract representations of a people, times and places beyond the specific. The subjects have been stripped of extraneous details to to reveal a struggle. They are in a state of flux. They're leaving one place in their lives and ascending to another. Quite often they are searching for a way out. They're looking for the next door. They are yearning for someone to save them and escort them to the next destination. They are symbols of the constant journey of life.

In our lives we are constantly ridding ourselves of things. Parting with items that once had great importance. We throw away belongings. We loose touch with friends. We forget ideas we once believed. We put away dreams which at one time were the impetus for all we did. We forget who we once were, those negative and positive days that now seem so far behind us.

By using found materials I give new meaning to items which have been discarded while celebrating emotions and experiences that have been forgotten. Above all I strive to acknowledge beauty everywhere especially those places you least expect.

My visual work includes installations, commissions and live creations for fundraisers and events. 

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